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小林千恵 絞り出し straw-fired teapot ECK2406 4-5
  • 小林千恵 絞り出し straw-fired teapot ECK2406 4-5


    Regarding the handling of porcelain with a baked-in pattern:



    Since it is non-absorbent earthenware, tea stains or stains are superficial dirt. They can be cleaned by washing with a sponge. If there are tea stains that cannot be removed with a sponge, you can bleach them with commercially available kitchen bleach.





    The exterior is unglazed, while the interior is coated with a transparent glaze.

    The patterns of insect damage vary among individual pieces.

    Please understand that you cannot choose.

    • Details | 詳細

      作家・Artist: 小林千恵 Chie Kobayashi

      素材・Material: 磁器 porcelain

      サイズ・Size: H.5cm φ11cm

      容量・volume: 50ml(max)

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