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梨木製陶所 茶壺 PTN2402D-F
  • 梨木製陶所 茶壺 PTN2402D-F






    About Maintenance

    ◎Please notice that overglaze silver ware will tarnish over time. We hope you enjoy seeing that as part of its charm.

    ◎Leaving water or tea in kettle for a long time may cause water leak.

    Please dry it immediately after use.

    • Details | 詳細

      白化粧花型把手茶壺 White flower shaped handleteapot

      作家・Artist: 梨木製陶所 TOKI NASHIKI

      サイズ・Size   D : H4.5cm(含把手H9.5cm) φ2.5cm 45ml(max)

                                   E : H8cm(含把手H14cm) φ2.5cm 120ml(max)

                                   F : H6cm(含把手H11cm) φ2.5cm 60ml(max)

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