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藤田永子 注器 PNF2401
  • 藤田永子 注器 PNF2401







    Points to note when using:

    - When starting to use, please boil it 2-3 times until the metallic smell disappears. If the smell persists, boil water with dissolved baking soda.

    - After use, please completely evaporate the moisture with residual heat.

    - Do not heat empty.

    • Details | 詳細

      注器 kettle

      作家・Artist: 藤田永子 Nagako Fujita

      素材・Material: 銅/内側錫引き Copper/inner tinned

      サイズ・Size a : H14cm (鉉部分含21.5cm)     W10cm    φ8.5cm

                                          容量・Volume: 500ml

                                     b : H13.5cm (鉉部分含22.5cm) W10cm φ6.5cm

                                          容量・Volume: 430ml

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