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Baokun Sun solo exhibition 2023 

2023.12.02 sat ~ 12.03 sun
Online update: 12.22 20:00​


​孫宝坤 Baokun Sun

1988 中国山東省生まれ Born in Shandong Province, China

2012 中央美術学院陶磁器専攻卒業 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts / Beijing

2013 北京から景徳鎮へ移住。工房「山遠居」を立ち上げ Moved to Jingdezhen and started his own studio

2018 景徳鎮陶瓷大学修士課程修了。北京CHA MAKERにて初個展 Master degree of Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute. First solo exhibition in CHA MAKER.

2019 LEAFMANIAにて個展。景徳鎮から雲南省へ移住 Solo exhibition in LEAFMANIA. Moved from Jingdezhen to Yunnan.

2023 現在雲南省大理にて作陶 Based in Dali, Yunnan, China

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