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Celadon wonderland古現 曹長鉉個展

Janghyun Cho
solo exhibition at LEAFMANIA

2024.03.30 sat ~ 04.13 sat
Online viewing 04.05 20:00 - 04.13


Artist profile
Born in Gwangju, South Korea, Cho is a ceramic artist focusing on celadon. Despite having a father who devoted himself to the restoration of Goryeo celadon techniques, listed as an intangible cultural heritage, he pursued painting after attending a Chinese school, studying fine arts in America. After a long period abroad, he returned toGwangju to take care his father, eventually taking over the kiln and entering the world of celadon. While inheriting the traditions passed down from his father, he continues to question his own identity, absorbing approaches from various cultures and eras, ultimately creating a unique and boundless world of celadon. 


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