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Shigeo Tanaka 2024 at LEAFMANIA Iriya

2024.02.10 sat ~02.12 mon

~オンライン展示販売 2月14日20:00
Online exhibition starts from  Feb.14 20:00 

タナカシゲオ Shigeo Tanaka
1963 京都 生まれ Born in Kyoto
2003 京都 川口美術にて初個展 First solo exhibition in Kyoto
2007 奈良県明日香村の古民家に移住 Moved to a old Japanese-style house in Asuka village, Nara
2011 穴窯を築窯 Build anagama kiln 
現在、奈良県明日香村にて作陶 Based in Asuka village, Nara, Japan


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